4 girls, 2 teachers, 1 trip of a lifetime.

Travelling with: https://www.african-adventures.co.uk/ 

Travelling from: Stafford Grammar School

Read our school’s press release below:

Four Stafford schoolgirls are bound for an African adventure after seeing off top young geographers across Britain to win a national competition.


The quartet will head to Kenya to join a volunteer project at a school in Nakuru, where they will support underprivileged children during English lessons, help organise sports activities and undertake some manual labour to improve the buildings.


Stafford Grammar School students Alishba Rizvi, Becky Lawrence, Chloe Patrick and Mollie Green navigated their way to the top of the class in the climax of African Adventures’ School Geography Challenge, ahead of finalists from nine schools across the country.


The 15-year-olds made the cut after winning through a preliminary round involving 70 schools, with their efforts on international development.  The competition aims to raise awareness of the geographical influences that affect developing areas and is run by African Adventures, a volunteer travel company that provides humanitarian and financial support to 27 partner community school projects in Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar.


The SGS teenagers travelled to Berkshire for the final, where they spent three hours producing work based on the United Nations’ sustainable development goal of inclusive education.  Using Nakuru’s Chaddy Mission School as their model, the girls outshone the other student groups to clinch the top prize.


“It will be a once in a lifetime experience and I know it’s going to be amazing.  The four of us worked together and knew we couldn’t have done any better, but we were up against some really intelligent people from all over the country, so we didn’t honestly believe we could win.  We’re so happy.

“I’m sure it’s going to be eye opening in Kenya and also quite humbling.  I expect it will make us realise what other people have to go through in life.  It will be good to be able to offer some practical help,” said Mollie.


Mollie and her three class mates will spend a week at the volunteer project in June, before taking time out for some sightseeing in Kenya.  They will be joined on the trip by SGS teachers Kelly Butler and Anne Saxon.


“They will gain first-hand experience of development. They’ll be visiting the rubbish dump where some children live as well as work, so they’ll be witnessing poverty and will be exposed to a large amount of difference.  This experience will create memories which will have a large influence on them,” said Kelly.